MURGH PAKORA - Marinated in an authentic batter, fried and served with homemade sauce
MURGH SAMOSA - Minced chicken in puff pastry with homemade chilli sauce
SABZI PAKORA(V) - Crisp nuggets of vegetables and crushed coriander seeds
MURGH TIKKA - Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, yoghurt and whole spices
SEEKH KEBAB - Minced lamb seasoned with lemon juice, mint, coriander and onions
PAZZI KE PAKODA (V) - Chopped onions with green chilli and cumin in spicy batter
MUSHROOM PAKORA (V) - Mushrooms marinated in medium spicy batter
ANDHRA WADA (V) - Patties of green lentils with green chilli, coriander, cumin and onion



KODI CURRY - Chicken in chilli, tomatoes, onion tamarind sauce
MURGH JALFRAZI - Vegetables cooked with steamed chicken with home grown species
MURGH ROGAN JOSH - Chicken with a rich sauce of tomatoes, onion and coriander
MURGH KORMA - Steamed chicken cooked with coconut and cream
SOUTH INDIAN GARLIC MURGH - Chicken cooked in spicy South Indian masala, garlic
and a hint of tamarind sauce. A hot dish from South India
GOSHT DOPIAZA - Tender Iamb cooked with sliced onions and peppers
GOSHT BHUNA - Lamb with ginger, garlic and tomato in a thick masala sauce
TARKA DHAL (V) - Lentils with garlic and ginger
MIXED SABZI JALFREZI (V) - Chefs selection of vegetables with fresh ginger & garlic
SAAG ALOO(V) - Potatoes pan fried with spinach and mustard leaves

All above dishes served with Pilau Rice or Plain Nan