SABZI PAKORA - Crisp nuggets of seasonal Scottish vegetables, onions & crushed coriander seeds.(£4.45)                                                                                               HAGGIS BONDA - A great combination of Scottish Haggis and Indian Spices.(£4.95)                                                                                                                                        DAKSHIN FRIED FISH - Marinated fish in Indian spices, deep-fried.(£5.95)                                                                                  HARA BHARA TIKKA - Patties of mashed Perthshire potatoes, peas, spinach, green chillies & coriander with ginger and garlic.(£4.95)
MURGH PAKORA - Chicken breast marinated in ginger & garlic finished in gram flour batter and chilli sauce.(£4.95)
KHUMB PAKORA - Scottish Mushroom, green cardamon in gram flour batter and served with chilli sauce.(£4.95)


Savour the seductive aroma of these sizzling dishes, served straight from the tandoor oven.
CHICKEN TIKKA - Main: £11.95, Starter: £6.95
Tender chicken fillets marinated in ginger, garlic, yoghurt and whole spices.

TANDOORI CHICKEN (On the Bone)  Main: £11.95, Starter: £5.95

Marinated Scottish Chicken on the bone, cooked in Tandoori Oven. 

SEEKH KABABMain: £11.45, Starter: £5.95

British lamb mince seasoned with lime, mint, coriander and onions. 

TANGDI KABAB  Main: £10.95, Starter: £5.95

Scottish Chicken Drumsticks, ginger, garlic, garam masala and turmeric. 





Served with Biryani sauce.
A world-renowned Indian dish, basmati rice, slow-cooked with saffron, garam masala and aromatic spices.

HYDERABADI MOGHLAI DUM BIRYANI - For Two - 24hr notice required.
18hrs marinated organic chicken or lamb on the bone, with basmati rice, browned onions, herbs, rose water, ground
spices and saffron. Sealed with a pastry lid. Cooked for 4hrs on slow fire. (£29.95)
GOSHT BIRYANI - Slow cooked Lamb with basmati rice, browned onions, herbs and ground spices.(£12.95)
MURGH BIRYANITANDOORI - cooked marinated chicken with basmati rice, browned onions, herbs and ground spices.(£11.95)
MIXED SABZI BIRYANI - Seasonal Scottish vegetables with aromatic basmati rice, browned onions, herbs and ground spices.(£10.95)



NOT INCLUDED IN SET MEALS - RICE NOT INCLUDED. Regional classics from around the sub-continent. A must for the curry connoisseur.ANDHRA KODI CURRY_Chicken, chilli, fresh curry leaf and tomatoes with onion tamarind sauce.
"My grandmother's recipe."(£9.95)
KOLHAPURI CHICKEN NEW MUST TRY! - A really hot chicken gravy made with Kolhapur's famous red chillies,
peanut, lime and coconut..(£9.95)
NAVARATHAN MURGH KORMA (Mild) - Marinated steamed Chicken with tropical fruit, dry nuts,
coconut cream and saffron milk.(£9.95)
MURGH MAKHANI MASALA (Delhi's favourite) - Tandoori boneless chicken cooked with thick Scottish cream, creamy tomato,
ground almond nut and butter sauce.(£9.95)
RAJASTHANI LAAL MAAS - A fiery lamb dish from Rajasthan with red chillies, mustard oil and flavoured with dry mango powder.(£10.95)
METHI GOSHT - Slow cooked tender Lamb with fresh fenugreek leaves, Perthshire rapeseed oil and garam masala.(£10.45)
DAHI GOSHT - Scottish low-fat Yoghurt, ginger, garlic marinated tender Lamb cooked with medium ground spices.(£10.45)
GOSHT DOPIAZA (Hyderabad Style) - Tender Lamb cooked with double onions and garam masala(£10.45)
RAILWAY BOTI AWARD-WINNING - Slow-cooked  Scottish lamb on the bone with peppers, Basil and potato.
A classic dish served on the Indian trains.(£10.95)
MUGHLAI GOSHT KORMA - Lamb korma made with mild spices, almonds, pistachio nuts and Scottish cream.
A Mughlai king's favourite dish.(£10.95)
ANDHRA FISH CURRY - Marinated fish, fresh curry leave, coconut cream, tamarind and chilli.(£10.95)



Plain Nan    £2.75
Roti    £2.75
Garlic Nan    £3.75
Coriander Nan    £3.75
Peshwari Nan    £3.75
Cheese Nan    £3.75



Pilau Rice    £2.75

2 Poppadoms    £1.50
Mango Chutney    £1.50
Spiced Onions      £1.00
Mixed Pickle    £1.50
Chips    £2.50



INCLUDED IN SET MEALS - RICE NOT INCLUDED. Our vegetarian dishes are inspired by the lush market gardens of India.
ALOO GOBI (VEG / VF) - Perthshire potatoes, cauliflower and fresh tomato.(£7.95)
TADKA DHAL (VEG / VF) - Lentils with garlic and ginger tadka. (£7.95)
CHANA MASALA (VEG /  VF) - Chickpeas cooked with masala spices. (£7.95)
PALAK ALOO (VEG /  VF) - Perthshire potatoes with spinach and green chilli. (£7.95)
KADIA PANEER (VEG) - Homemade cottage cheese cooked with mixed peppers, ginger, garlic and low-fat mint Yoghurt. (8.95)
KHUMB, MATAR & METHI (VEG /  VF) - Scottish mushrooms, fresh green peas, fresh fenugreek leaves, ginger, garlic and garam
masala with medium spice. (£8.95)
MIXED SABZI JALFREZI (VEG / VF) - Chefs selection of Scottish vegetables with Indian spices. (£7.95)
PANEER BUTTER MASALA (Mild) (VEG) - Homemade cottage cheese in a creamy tomato sauce
with almond and aromatic spices. (£8.95)
BAINGAN ALOO(VEG / VF) - Aubergine and Scottish potatoes in masala sauce. (£7.95)
MUTTER PANNER (VEG) - Homemade cottage cheese and green peas with mild spices. (£8.95)



MURGH TIKKA JALFREZI - Tandoori cooked chicken with mixed vegetables, green chillies, tomato and onion sauce.(£8.95)
KASHMIRI MURGH KORMA (mild) - Steamed chicken with coconut cream, tropical fruits and smooth creamy sauce.(£8.95)
MURGH CHASNI (mild) - Steamed Chicken, beetroot extract, honey, cream and light spice.(£8.95)

MURGH MOONLIGHT - Chicken tikka with Pino Grigio wine, mango chutney, ginger & garlic.(£8.95)
MURGH CURRY    - A classic chicken dish from southern India: "Can be made as spicy as you like."(£8.95)
SOUTH INDIAN GARLIC MURGH - Chicken Tikka cooked in a spicy masala, garlic and a fresh curry leaf.
A hot dish from South India. (£8.95)
GOSHT BHUNA    - Slow cooked lamb with ginger and garlic in a medium-thick sauce.(£9.45)
KADAI GOSHT - Yoghurt marinated Lamb with onions, peppers and cumin.(£9.45)




SET MEAL FOR 2 - £25.95

2 Poppadoms and Spiced Onions
Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Pakora
2 dishes from Popular or Vegetable Curries,
1 Pilau Rice, 1 Plain Nan Bread

Upgrade plain Nan to Garlic or Peshwari Nan for £1.50


SET MEAL FOR 3 - £37.95
3 Poppadoms and Spiced Onions
Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Pakora
3 dishes from Popular or Vegetable Curries,
2 Pilau Rice, 1 Plain Nan Bread

Upgrade plain Nan to Garlic or Peshwari Nan for £1.50


SET MEAL FOR 4 - £52.95

4 Poppadoms and Spiced Onions
Chicken Pakora, 2 Vegetable Pakora
4 dishes from Popular or Vegetable Curries,
2 Pilau Rice, 2 Plain Nan Bread

Upgrade plain Nan to Garlic or Peshwari Nan for £1.50



We deliver in Perth(£2), Scone(£3), Bridge of Earn(£3), Luncarty(£4.5), Almond Bank((4.5), St.Medoes(£4.5), Glencarse (£4.5). 

We can delivery to the following area when you pre-order: Stanly (£6), Errol (£6), Abernethy (£6)

HOME DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM Thursday-Sunday from 5 PM To 9.30 PM As our food is all freshly prepared, please allow the following guide times for collection of carryout and home delivery...

Waiting time 30min -45min 
Home Delivery
Up to 1 hour


We do not accept responsibility for any allergic reactions from any dish, particularly as utensils
are shared when cooking. Some dishes contain nuts and traces of nuts. Modified vegetable oil is used in cooking.