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It would be fair to say that in forty one Big Personality interviews so far, the vast majority of people have had a little surprise or two woven into their life’s tale.  Some of these personalities I know well, some I don’t know at all and others I know only from eating in their restaurants, shopping in their shop or listening to their band.   Whatever the situation, if I have asked them to chat then I usually have a sense of who they are and what might make them tick.

So, as I was preparing to meet up with Praveen Kumar of Tabla Restaurant I felt sure I had a good fix on the man I was about to meet.  Always smiling, impeccable in his welcome and with an air of proper, old-fashioned manners and gentlemanly behaviour, I expected a tale of a mild man, perhaps second-generation Indian with a family history in restaurants there to explain his almost innate sense of how to do hospitality well. This preconceived notion was bolstered when he arrived at Parklands to meet for morning coffee, carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers for me and a bag full of family photographs.